Your Cab Has Arrived

Hey there pessimistic human, orange robot or random 3D object…Welcome to Filostarcam: A crystal ball, where magic surfaces to tell the concealed verities of life through written expression. The purpose is not to make you read and carry on, but to make you think and reflect on why roads can’t be painted yellow and have black lines. Are you still there? Or did you take a few seconds to ponder on the idea of the color of pavement? Let me remind you that there are no coincidences; you just simply need to look and use your Psychotic Street Cab (PSC), which you will need in order to enter the portal into Filostarcam. Did you already lose hope in all hum(ins)anity? Yes, I said the word “insanity”- because, in reality, psychopaths, dreamers, and renegades are what keep this realm sane. If you do wish to stay, pay the cab upfront and don’t waste time wearing a disguise. Careful, because the red numbers will just keep on changing as we go deeper into the yellow road. So, now I ask you, do you need a cab?



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